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Themocracy x Thomas Sandell

10000 SEK

This bike is a scandinavian beauty combined with Italian heritage and handcraft.
The bike is a Rossignoli Garibaldi 71, hand made by the Rossignoli family in Milan.
The gentle cream white color was curated by Swedens top architect, Thomas Sandell, known for fantastic buildings and furniture. 
He also added chrome details to the bike. As the breakwires in chrome, pedals the same and Thomas topped the bike with Brooks lovely sport leather saddle and handlebars.
This is a rare piece that connects Italy in Sweden in one bike.
Allow 6-8 weeks delivery time depending on season.
It comes with hand brakes front and back. You can add 3 speed gear box by adding the gear box product to your order.
Shipping 499 sek.
Only available in Sweden, Norway*, Denmark and Finland.
Available with 3 speed gear box. Add http://themocracy.se/product/3-speed-gear-box to the cart along with selected bike. 

*additional taxes that apply to customers outside of EU is paid by customer

We are a bicycle centric company for the ride and its rider. We strive to feed the required taste and functionality of an urban two wheeled commuter.

Our home is in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Together with co-producers we create our own line of items under the brand THEMOCRACY. Alongside, we sell selected items from other brands.

To make the whole thing a little more exciting we have on going collaborations with Designers in our THEMOCRACY COLOR CURATORS programe. They represent a slice of the contemporary design community around the globe.

Our bicycle range is a collection of producers that makes our heart beat a little extra. First out is Rossignoli bicycles, a Milano based manufacturer who have made their bicycles by hand since 1900. 

//Resellers, please email contact@themocracy.se for further information and pricing//